Sunday, September 25, 2011

White Lamp

I wish I would have taken a "before" picture of this lamp!  I bought it a couple of summers ago at an auction--one of those items that nobody else bid on--and it was a pretty dated looking thing with a really tall lampshade.

After Ben dismantled it, I painted it white and stripped the wood base back to bare wood . . .

I had planned on more painting and aging, but really liked how the white looked, especially with the wood.  Ben rewired and reassembled it (no easy job, but I don't think he cussed once).  I'm trying out a couple of lamp shades and can't quite commit yet.  This one seems a little short, but I like the linen look.  

Here are another couple of finished projects from last week.  The chair was painted charcoal and then stenciled with an old brass stencil.  The heavy wire basket is actually an old milk crate from--I'm not crazy about the stenciled numbers, so may re-do that.  I actually took the canvas liner out and sanded the numbers after I took this picture and it toned it down a little.

See the little dog in the background.  It's her 1st birthday and she's very proud.

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