Monday, July 9, 2012

Cheery Striped RCA Cabinet

As I headed out to church last Sunday (in white pants), my mom called to say there was some furniture  with free signs down the street from me.  Unable to resist, I hopped in the Jeep and found this old RCA Victor Victrola cabinet (model 3-HS-6)!  I loaded it myself (some how keeping white pants clean) and still made it to church before announcements were done!

Ben helped with repairs and clean up.  I sanded the vaneer off the top and refinished the very pretty wood underneath.  Then I primed and painted the base off white.  I originally was going to add black stripes, but when I got the yellow painter's tape on, I liked the white/yellow combination so went with yellow paint.  The inside got white paint and we (Ben) put a new piece on the back.  The original hardware just needed a little polishing.

Here it is at Liberty House:

Here's what I hauled home:

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  1. Carolyn! Look at that! Holy smokes, you remind me that i really should stop by The Liberty House a bit more often. This turned out sweet!

    :: lynn ::