Monday, January 30, 2012

Warm winter day

Some highlights from around here.

A sweet little baby quilt, now pieced and quilted.  I'm working on the binding and then will put it away until summer . . .

A new haircut for Pip . . .

And a recording-breaking warm day . . . which included a walk (Julie and me), a bike ride (Ben), and the urge to paint furniture (guess who).  No, I didn't actually paint today, but I did pull a lot of staples out of this ugly chair's seat cover.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where it all happens

Do you remember a few months ago when I painted Julie's old room and set it all up for my own little creative space?  I love it, but the "layers" have quickly accumulated.  (You mean I have to clean up every now and then??)

Here's how it's looking now . . .

The laptop is between the sewing machine and iron so I can listen to podcasts and check my email while I sew.  The trash can is on top of the sewing machine table, so Pip can't knock it down and run off with scraps.  The bucket of my beloved paint brushes is next to the computer waiting for furniture rehab season.  And that's my design board to the left above the unorganized piles of fabric.

In the fall I switched from painting furniture to house projects and quilting.  I'm back to work on my New York Beauty quilt--and much closer to finishing.  Today I sewed the last of the paper pieced sections (there have been a lot!) and started appliqueing these round stars  to the brown squares.  I've worked very patiently on this quilt, but am ready to see it done.

And I'm still having trouble downloading photos from iPhoto to this blog--very frustrating!  It doesn't seem to matter which camera I use--or browser--sometimes they work, more often they do this:

Any suggestions?