Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Striped Aqua Dresser

Braving the 98 degree temperature, Ben cheerfully helped me move this dresser down to Liberty House today.  I did remember to take "before" shots, but forgot the "afters" this time!  Here's the one picture I got with my little flip phone.  I couldn't get a head-on shot, because my little room is too tiny!

I bought this dresser at a shed sale on a farm near Cordova a couple of months ago (I hauled home a Jeep-ful that day).  It was sound structurally, but definitely needed help in the pretty department.  Here are a couple of "before's"--bad paint job, mismatched cheap hardware, and in need of a good scrubbing.

I'm currently working on a tall dresser that I bought at a neighbor's garage sale last weekend (and very happy with how it's going), though by afternoon I just want to watch TV and drink iced tea.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whitewashed Bench

As simple as it is, it took me a few months to decide what to do with this little bench.  I finally sanded off all the finish (varnish and stain), dry brushed on Old White, and then went with the striped red fabric for the seat.  I think it has a nice "beachy" look now.

I filled in for Joanie down at Liberty House on Friday (which was fun!).  It gave me time to get my little room clean and restocked.  I am happy to learn that the yellow and white striped RCA cabinet sold Saturday--and even got to see pictures of it in its new home! ( Thanks, Angel!)

I've been working on a dresser this weekend--using some Annie Sloan paint in Provence (a turquoise).  I kept trying out different finishes on it (wax, glaze, etc.)--not quite satisfied yet--so that means a lot of re-painting and layers building up.  Ben says that's why my pieces get so heavy . .  .

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cheery Striped RCA Cabinet

As I headed out to church last Sunday (in white pants), my mom called to say there was some furniture  with free signs down the street from me.  Unable to resist, I hopped in the Jeep and found this old RCA Victor Victrola cabinet (model 3-HS-6)!  I loaded it myself (some how keeping white pants clean) and still made it to church before announcements were done!

Ben helped with repairs and clean up.  I sanded the vaneer off the top and refinished the very pretty wood underneath.  Then I primed and painted the base off white.  I originally was going to add black stripes, but when I got the yellow painter's tape on, I liked the white/yellow combination so went with yellow paint.  The inside got white paint and we (Ben) put a new piece on the back.  The original hardware just needed a little polishing.

Here it is at Liberty House:

Here's what I hauled home:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New items at Liberty House

Sounds like the 4th was a busy time down at Liberty House (in spite of the heat)!  I managed to bash my little toe on a piece of furniture (me?? extra furniture around here??), so didn't do much walking about town--but here's how things were looking in my little room at Liberty House.

I found this old waterfall desk beside a dumpster a few weeks ago.  It was covered with contact paper and the drawers were full of little plywood dividers.  I didn't even take a before shot because it didn't seem to hold a lot of promise, but I just love how it turned out.  I used stripper and sanded like crazy on the top and drawers and the wood was amazing!  The rest of the base I painted with Annie Sloan Old White.  The hardware is the original, but I sanded it down to the silver--much better.

I did this little desk at the same time and pretty much the same way.  The cute little lamp is from Rachel (thanks!).

Some other things . . .

Stay cool!