Thursday, July 28, 2011

Painting Update

I have been a painting machine this week!  I'm too tired to write much, but here's how things are looking:

I used a Benjamin Moore color, Decorators White in flat, which the lumberyard mixed for me using their Pittsburgh Paint.  It's a very clean white and really brightened up the room especially after seeing it brown for the last few years.  After we got the walls painted and realized the woodwork needed it, too, I headed back to the lumberyard for more Decorators White in semi-gloss.  At that point the carpet was really looking beige and knowing the wood floor under it was in pretty good shape, I decided to tear it out.  So glad I did!  As soon as the baseboard paint was on, we picked up the Duncan Phyfe table that I bought at the thrift store last week.  Ben had to pretty much dismantle it in order to get it in the house, but it did make it  easier to paint.  It got primer and two coats of the white paint I had left over from the entryway floor project.  A great transformation!  I also painted an old green bookcase (with leftover paint from the trim) and a little cupboard.

Next step, reassemble the table and start moving in!

And figure out how to get yellow paint off the dog (only a little bit . . .)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Painting Styles

Thankfully, Ben came to my rescue and we finished the walls of my new sewing/project room yesterday.  I love the clean look of the white.  I was hoping the wood trim and windows wouldn't need painting, but they look pretty shabby now (not in a good way), so I'm off for more paint.

Ben is a really good painter, so it was interesting to compare our "styles":
Ben--neat, me--messy
Ben--fast, me--slow
Ben--meets frustration calmly, me--tears and whining
Ben--Rembrandt, me--Jackson Pollock


Saturday, July 23, 2011

A room of one's own

After J & J got married last year, I was so pleased that my dear son-in-law emptied out his at-home office and let Julie set up a studio/sewing room in the space.  That room and that son-in-law have been so important in encouraging J's creative juices!

After J & J got married last year, I took a wall and corner of J's old room here at home for my sewing space.  A lot of J's old school stuff from elementary on up through college was tucked wherever, along with lots of books and magazines, and I admit, quite a bit of furniture and neat stuff I have hauled home over the years (the equivalent of kittens).  Her twin bed was still there and had become a place to stack things a yard high.  I don't even want to talk about under the bed.  Bottom line--when I have been working on projects, there has hardly been space enough to walk, much less work!

Thursday I decided it was time.  I started cleaning everything out of the room (so the rest of the house is a disaster right now).  And Friday I bought a Duncan Phyfe table at the thrift shop for $20.  It will be about 84" by 36" of heavenly work space.

Then as long as everything was getting moved out I really wanted to re-paint the walls.  I painted them chocolate brown a few years ago, and actually still like it, but wanted this room to be light and bright.  With Ben's help (thank goodness--I'm painfully slow and messy), we just finished the primer.  I have two gallons of Benjamin Moore Decorators White ready to go.  And the table (which they are storing for me at the thrift store), will also get painted (white)--and the cupboard you see in the photo that is currently white will probably get painted blue.   (I do so love to paint.)

So, this is why all other projects have been put on hold!

The need for "a room of one's own".

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thrift Store Love

Maybe not love, but I definitely have a thing for our local thrift store.  Its profits go to a Mennonite Relief Fund and it is staffed by friendly mostly retired volunteers who put out new treasures daily.   And so I seem to wander in daily.  Things are dirt cheap and eventually go for half price.

Here's today's find:

I took this photo with my phone and sent it without a message to J.  She knew what I was asking and replied:  "Must purchase!"  And so I did!  Oh, all for the great sum of $8.00 for the pair.  Yes, I love that store!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mother and Daughter

My Dad recently posted this picture on his blog.  With Aunt Vivian holding the door for us,  Mom and I head to a Bridal Shower at the B Town Hall for Aunt Janice.  I don't remember seeing this photo before, but I just love it.  My mom looks so pretty and she's carrying the picnic basket that we took on many picnics during my childhood.  And we are wearing "matching" dresses that she made for us.

I'm sure I was one excited little girl.  I know I was a lucky one.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Atwater Kent Cabinet Re-do

I had a lot of fun on the 4th at the flea market down at our local antique store.  One of my purchases was this Atwater Kent radio cabinet, Model 70 from 1930.  It was pretty dusty, had some mismatched shelves wedged in (the radio guts were gone), and had a banged up piece of particle board attached to the back.

And . . . TA-DA!  Here it is now!  J picked out the paint color (she is so good at that!) and the paint really transformed it.  I didn't put a back on it at this point because it could be used with the front or the backside facing out--they both look nice.  I think it'd be great for so many purposes--book shelves, a liquor cabinet, a "cabinet of curiosities", bathroom towels, fabric storage, doll house, or a dog bed (Pip's idea).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Entryway Floor

This has been a busy week with a lot of projects in the works (which I, of course, love).  The stuffed owl was so much fun that I have further modified the pattern and am working on a baby grackle.  The Atwater Kent 1930 radio cabinet that I picked up over the 4th is almost done--just one more coat of paint.  And work on the entryway floor continues.  I marked, taped off, and painted half the dark squares.  I'll let it "cure" for a few days and then tape off and paint the remainder to finish the checkerboard design.  Maybe.  We actually really like it as is.  And we like the way the green tape looked, too.  It might be too modern for this house, but the charcoal gray squares with narrow green borders would definitely be a fun finish (or a fun quilt).  Any opinions?

And yes, it was somewhat of a miracle that I was able to do this with all the four-legged interest.  I guess it speaks to the discipline that I've instilled in our dog.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hoot! Hoot!

Those of us who sew and love fabric were thrilled to attend the recent ribbon cutting and opening of "The Udder Store" here in town  (parent store is "The Cosmic Cow")!  The owners, Roxanne and Rich, did an amazing job renovating the old building and are stocking a great selection of fabric.

To help celebrate the opening and the 4th of July, our town was lucky to have dollmaker Elinor Peace Bailey here. She is incredibly talented, yet so encouraging of everyone else's talents!  When I visited The Udder Store on Friday I just had to buy one of her new patterns called "An Owl for Ellie".  I've done lots of modifying to give it the look it wanted (Elinor would approve) and had a lot of fun with it.  Here's how he looks:

 I decided I would use only fabric and supplies that I had on hand.  There is fabric from an old pair of my wool pants, some of J's old corduroy pants, and part of a wool vest that I had felted a while back.  I love his scruffy look.
Elinor had cleverly used the business end of forks for her owl--I went with wire wrapped in fabric.
Now I think he needs a friend . . . wouldn't a buzzard be fun?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Small Town Celebration!

Things are very quiet in town and at our house today after the BIG 4th of July celebration. 
 Here are some of the highlights for me . . .

Flea Market on the yard of our local B&B/antique store

The parade . . . 

Picnic supper and fireworks! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cabbage Heartbreak

Remember our beautiful cabbages and brussels sprouts?  We had gushed about how pretty they were,  tended them carefully, and were anticipating a good crop.  So when we spotted a handful of teeny holes on the leaves, we decided we needed to apply some kind of insecticide.

One of my gardening books, Trowel & Error by Sharon Lovejoy, recommended a hot pepper solution.  Ben carefully measured the suggested amounts of apple cider vinegar, Tabasco sauce, and liquid soap in a spray bottle--then sprayed both the tops and bottoms of the leaves.  We were feeling very good about using a natural solution rather than a chemical insecticide.

Here is the before:

And here is the sad "After":  (ARGH!!!!!!)

And this happened within hours.  Besides being disappointed and frustrated, we were puzzled.  What in the pepper solution could have caused that?!  Then we read the ingredients on the dish soap:

Water,Ammonium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate,Lauramidopropylomine Oxide, S-D Alcohol 3-A, Sodium Chloride, Poloxamer 124,Fragrance,Preservatives,Pentasodium Pentatate, Sodium Bisulfate, and Dyes.

Lesson learned!