Monday, September 12, 2011

Project Updates

I'm close to finishing I've made a lot of progress on quite a few projects during the past week.  We've been enjoying some beautiful fall days, so I'm either outside painting or inside sewing while the paint dries.  Thank goodness my husband feeds me and doesn't care what the house looks like.

Remember the sad little chair that I cleaned up and painted green?  After living with it for a week, I decided it wasn't quite right, so I found a wonderful blue and it was just what it needed.  It still needs waxing and a leather seat, but is getting closer.

This little dresser was hiding in a corner at Liberty House.  It had a very dark not-so-pretty finish, except for the top which someone had attempted to strip.  I gave the top a little sanding and tung oil,  and painted the rest the same pretty blue as the chair.  I tried some distressing, but it started to look a little off.  As Ben told me (he's so smart!): "It should look used, not abused."  So I re-primed the drawer fronts where I had "abused" them.  After they are painted, I'm just going to do just a teeny bit of sanding on the edges--and a small amount of dark wax.  I'm painting the insides of the drawers on this, too, to clean it up.

I'm so excited about my last two bags.  The one on the left is stenciled with an old brass stencil from the late 1800s that I got on Ebay, the other bag has parts from a seed sack.  These were fun!  (And for sale!)

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