Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A weakness for chairs

Had a great outing with J and my brother last Friday.  We drove south until the highway turned into a gravel road which turned into a dirt road which became the driveway of this wonderful farm.  The owner hosts a big sale a few times a year filling the barn, sheds, and yard with antiques and wonderful "junk".

Isn't this old chicken house neat?!  I love the trim paint.

I brought home a chair.  It was in one of the last sheds we were in and, being hot and tired at the time, I didn't really check it out carefully until I got home.  It's a very old chair and I think it had lived for a long time in a barn or shed along with pigs, chickens, or cows.  I felt a little like a character from a Mark Twain novel scrubbing up a dirty child!  It was bad!

Kind of hard to believe I paid money for this, isn't it . . .

After cleaning and removing two very deteriorated seats (attached with nails, tacks, and wire--and supported by old siding nailed underneath), a coat of primer helped cover any dirt I had missed--and I did start believing the chair might have a chance.

I tried some very pale blue almost white paint, but it seemed a little predictable.  After its checkered past, this chair seemed to want something more.  It's now a yellowy split pea green (Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Gloss Ivy Leaf spray paint)--very unlike something I usually go for, but somehow it suits the chair--or at least for now.  No seat yet, but some leather on the way.

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