Friday, August 19, 2011


I found this book at our local thrift store (which we all know I love).  It is written by Jonathan Holstein.  A quilt scholar,  he curated a quilt exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC in 1971 that had a major impact on the view of quilts as art.

When J saw the book, she recognized the quilts and said that they were donated by Jonathan Holstein to the International Quilt Study Center (where she works).  Here's the link to that collection which includes 356 quilts:

I don't buy books of quilt patterns anymore--I'd rather do my own thing--but this book was a find and full of inspiration.

Here's my latest.  I pieced this top a couple of years ago and finally got it quilted and bound.  I wanted the squares really random, so I didn't measure pieces until after I added the white and squared them into 12" blocks.  I didn't measure or mark lines for the machine quilting either, so that was pretty random, too.  All in all, it's kind of a surprise that it turned out at all!  I like to call it "Free Range Chickens"!

I like the backs to be kind of a surprise.  This is a fun Jane Sassaman print.

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