Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Bag

This wonderful book, Carry Me by Yuka Koshizen, arrived in the mail when I was in the middle of painting the new sewing room.  I could hardly wait to try a bag, so started right in after finishing the little quilt.

The book was originally published in Japan.  The designs are great and the directions clear.  I had it in my "cart" for a few months before I finally ordered it--so glad I finally did because I see it's out of print now.

Here's how my bag turned out.  It'll be just right for the flea markets and sewing projects and the beach (I like to pretend we can go there).

Check out the zippered pocket inside.  I got the zipper for 10 cents at our local thrift store.


  1. Love it, Carolyn!!
    So much more fun than going to school and working all day today!!

  2. I love the bag!! Let me know if you are taking orders. I've been honking in the morning when I go by your house to get my daily dose of caffeine...hope I don't wake you up. Enjoy every minute of retirement. We miss you! Stacey