Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dried Tomato Success

The tomatoes are starting to roll in!  We're not getting a great harvest in our garden this year, but thanks to the generosity of friends, we have a nice supply.  Other years we made and froze sauce--which works great--but this year we decided to try drying them.  We used the oven and various directions we found on-line.  Ours seemed to take longer (12 hours plus), but I think I didn't have the oven temperature high enough (I'm going with 200 degrees on the next batch).  They are much easier than making sauce--and I was surprised to discover that I (not a lover of raw tomatoes) like them!  They have a wonderful sweetness and great texture.

I used a variety of varieties, cut in half or quarters, and sprinkled with salt.

They really cook down--both trays fit in a pint jar along with basil and olive oil.

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