Saturday, July 23, 2011

A room of one's own

After J & J got married last year, I was so pleased that my dear son-in-law emptied out his at-home office and let Julie set up a studio/sewing room in the space.  That room and that son-in-law have been so important in encouraging J's creative juices!

After J & J got married last year, I took a wall and corner of J's old room here at home for my sewing space.  A lot of J's old school stuff from elementary on up through college was tucked wherever, along with lots of books and magazines, and I admit, quite a bit of furniture and neat stuff I have hauled home over the years (the equivalent of kittens).  Her twin bed was still there and had become a place to stack things a yard high.  I don't even want to talk about under the bed.  Bottom line--when I have been working on projects, there has hardly been space enough to walk, much less work!

Thursday I decided it was time.  I started cleaning everything out of the room (so the rest of the house is a disaster right now).  And Friday I bought a Duncan Phyfe table at the thrift shop for $20.  It will be about 84" by 36" of heavenly work space.

Then as long as everything was getting moved out I really wanted to re-paint the walls.  I painted them chocolate brown a few years ago, and actually still like it, but wanted this room to be light and bright.  With Ben's help (thank goodness--I'm painfully slow and messy), we just finished the primer.  I have two gallons of Benjamin Moore Decorators White ready to go.  And the table (which they are storing for me at the thrift store), will also get painted (white)--and the cupboard you see in the photo that is currently white will probably get painted blue.   (I do so love to paint.)

So, this is why all other projects have been put on hold!

The need for "a room of one's own".

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