Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hoot! Hoot!

Those of us who sew and love fabric were thrilled to attend the recent ribbon cutting and opening of "The Udder Store" here in town  (parent store is "The Cosmic Cow")!  The owners, Roxanne and Rich, did an amazing job renovating the old building and are stocking a great selection of fabric.

To help celebrate the opening and the 4th of July, our town was lucky to have dollmaker Elinor Peace Bailey here. She is incredibly talented, yet so encouraging of everyone else's talents!  When I visited The Udder Store on Friday I just had to buy one of her new patterns called "An Owl for Ellie".  I've done lots of modifying to give it the look it wanted (Elinor would approve) and had a lot of fun with it.  Here's how he looks:

 I decided I would use only fabric and supplies that I had on hand.  There is fabric from an old pair of my wool pants, some of J's old corduroy pants, and part of a wool vest that I had felted a while back.  I love his scruffy look.
Elinor had cleverly used the business end of forks for her owl--I went with wire wrapped in fabric.
Now I think he needs a friend . . . wouldn't a buzzard be fun?


  1. Very cute Carolyn but how about a Crow for a friend rather than a Buzzard.

  2. Yes, I think that's a great idea!