Friday, June 17, 2011

The Uncle Jerry Box

Our hearts are a little heavy after losing my uncle to cancer last night.  He loved his family, worked hard, and had a really kind heart that touched us all.

So I had a neat little thing happen today . . .  I was digging through some things in the basement, looking for small cardboard boxes to ship some Ebay items in, and back on a shelf that I haven't touched in a long time was the wooden box that Uncle Jerry made for me when I was about 10!  It is a beautifully made box with hinges and a place for a lock.  That Christmas he and my aunt made one for each of their "older" nieces (Barbie cases for the younger ones).  I had forgotten all about it, but there it was!  I dusted it off and found so many little treasures that had stayed in that box all these years--my girl scout sash, tassel from HS graduation, ticket from my first airplane trip as a 14 year old, a note written to my daughter from my grandmother, an old LBJ election badge, a handkerchief that my great-aunt tatted, and there on the bottom among some seashells and special rocks was a napkin from Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sondra's wedding in 1962!  What a neat coincidence that I happened upon this box today when he and his family are in my thoughts and prayers!


  1. Carolyn, what a neat post.

  2. This is really special, Carolyn. A little bit of God's grace led you to that box, no doubt in my mind! Enjoy the memories and thanks for sharing.
    Your cousin, MaryBeth

  3. I agree, MaryBeth! I truly think it was one of those "holy coincidences"!