Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Chair--"During"

With our garage sale behind us, I pulled out the chair that I bought at a garage sale recently.  I've refinished a lot of pieces and sewn slipcovers, but re-upholstering is new for me.  So undaunted by my ignorance and armed with minimal youtube instruction,  I forged ahead!

Here's the "before" (with a little of the finish stripped off one of the legs and a little dog on the seat):

With the aid of pliers, rubber mallet, and new tack remover I took off the black under-the-seat stuff and ugly red and white bumpy floral fabric (Note to self:  Get tetanus shot):

Underneath that, was a thick layer of cotton stuffing and burlap and a daddy-long-legs:

In the middle of the stuffing was some straw (money would have been nice).  Ben thought it looked like cedar shavings:

While I'm guessing that the "guts" are original, I don't think the outer fabric is because the pretty wood on the top part of the chair was covered up.  It was a fun reveal:

I left the burlap and the webbing on for now, but they may come off yet.

Here's how things are looking now.  I need to do more steel wooling (new verb) and sanding:

Pip is bored with the whole thing and wondering where the soft chair went:

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