Friday, June 8, 2012

Radio Cabinet Redo & Annie Sloan Paint

Just took this old radio cabinet down to Liberty House.  I think it would be really pretty in a bathroom to hold towels or as a little wardrobe for children's clothes or a cool bar or to stack books in . . .

It was my first big project with the Annie Sloan paint and I am a convert!  It is so much fun and easier to use than regular paint, dries quickly, and distresses beautifully.  I used Old White and Duck Egg Blue on this.  It's pricey, but seems to go a long ways--plus you don't have to sand or prime.  I just wish we had a dealer nearby--thanks to Hobbin for hauling it back from Colorado for me!

The paint really highlights the pretty details . . .

I put the original on/off switch back on (just for fun):

I did remember to take a "Before" picture--here it is after I took out the front panel and some other odds and ends.  That front panel is going to be something interesting someday.

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