Sunday, February 26, 2012

Distressed Chair with Scalloped Seat

Just finished a chair . . .

I'm not always a fan of "distressed", but after a few tries, I really like how this finish came out.  The seat is covered with linen and then topped with this scalloped linen slipcover.  It seemed just the thing for this chair with its curvy legs and back.

This will be for sale at Liberty House on Saturday, March 3, though I'm kind of getting attached . . .  


  1. Beautiful! You have great talent! Sounds like you get attached to the pieces in the process so it must be hard to sell them after all the work you put into them.

  2. Thanks, Aunt Janice! I do enjoy working on these--and keep trying to fight my hoarding tendencies!

  3. That scalloped edge is really, really, pretty!