Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Our weather is much colder here this week--winter has definitely arrived.  Doing dishes on these chilly days, I often think of my Grandma.  You see, when I was growing up I hated washing and drying dishes (mostly because I felt I was assigned the duty based on gender).  I thought it very unfair and didn't hesitate to grumble about it, that is, until I helped Grandma in her cozy farm kitchen one day .  She told me that having her hands in the warm dishwater on cold days always felt good and she didn't mind it at all!   She was right!  She also helped me see that when I was doing kitchen duty at home, it was my chance to have mom and dad all to myself (brothers off in the other room).

These days Ben and I do dishes together, and it's our time to talk and have a laugh or two (and now we have a little dog hanging out with us, too).

We're planning on remodeling our kitchen next summer.  We won't be needing a dishwasher.

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